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I actually had an idea to make this tattoo myself and make a statement through a piece of art. I was going to tattoo it, take a picture where my hands were shackled with handcuffs over my head, make that into a poster, and put it on a wall with the name of the tattoo, “Freedom 4 All Beings” as a tag. I was going to take a picture of this and frame it, but I understood that in our world it will be very hard to set all animals free again. It also took ten years to get it the way I wanted, and by that time I had changed my mind. But if you feel like having it and can stand for what it means, then it will look beautiful on you! I was thinking about doing it in red or to fade it from black to red, which would look cool. A girl I met suggested it would be badass to get it as a UV tattoo that can only be seen under fluorescent light.